Hi, folks-

Yes indeed, t.co links will be unwrapped in the stream, so bit.ly pro
users will still be able to use custom domains, along with bit.ly's
analytics features.

We put a post up on our blog explaining how publishers can continue to
use bit.ly pro domains with the Tweet Button:


And we are working on some additional tools and resources for

If you have any specific questions about implementation, do not
hesitate to contact supp...@bit.ly, or to e-mail me directly!

Matt LeMay

On Aug 13, 10:06 am, Tom van der Woerdt <i...@tvdw.eu> wrote:
> On 8/13/10 5:04 AM, pthomsen wrote:
> > I read in the techcrunch article, that the posting url is wrapped in
> > t.co, but then when displayed in the stream, the url gets unwrapped
> > again, so you should see the moxs.ie url (in my case). This doesn't
> > happen for me. I only see the t.co url.
> > Is there a whitelist of URLs that are accepted by twitter for
> > 'unwrapping-in-the-stream'? If so, how do I get on that list?
> > Thanks,
> > Per
> Yesterday I noticed that t.co links were unwrapped in the search, but it
> looks like that is no longer the case at the moment. Probably taken
> offline for a few hours to perfect the algorithm, like Twitter usually
> does after implementing something new (happened to Lists too).
> It looked like all t.co links are unwrapped, so don't worry ;-)
> Tom

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