Hi Developers,

Today we're going to do a brief exercise with turning basic authentication
off for 5 to 10 minutes at 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern. This is to simulate
the effect that the deprecation of basic auth will have -- both on
applications and our own servers. This is the first of such tests we'll do.

During this window, clients using basic authentication will not be able to
send tweets or perform any operations with the API. We haven't yet finalized
the specific HTTP response we will give in this case. Today, you will
receive a 403 HTTP status code while the test is active.

If you're worried about whether your favorite application or integration
will stop functioning when basic auth is shut down, you'll want to test
during this period.

Follow @twitterapi at http://twitter.com/twitterapi to keep track of the
progress of the basic auth blackout period today. We'll signal when the test
has begun and when it is complete.


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