On 8/13/10 8:08 PM, Matt Trinneer wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm curious to understand how the transition to OAuth will take place
> for whitelisted accounts.  Currently I have 2 streaming accounts,
> which if I understand correctly will not be impacted at all, and a
> whitelisted basic auth access (20k/hour) for a specific set of IPs.
> I've read that the Basic Auth rate limit will decrease by 10 calls a
> day for 15 days until it's finally turned off for good.  Is this still
> true?  If so, how the decrease apply to the extended 20k/hour rate
> limit? Will it see a corresponding 6.6% (1320 call) reduction every
> day during the same period?
> Also, in order to have the extended rate limit I currently have
> available to my new OAuth application, is there anything I need to
> do?  Or does the fact that the new OAuth application was registered
> under the same username and requests originate from ip combination
> automatically transfer the limits?
> Thanks for any insight you can offer.
> Matt

Hi Matt,

I would like to point out that I think that you should stop worrying
about the Basic Auth rate limiting and simply implement OAuth. It's
about time that you do so anyway.

Your extended limit is IP-based and does not care about the type you use
- basic or OAuth.


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