Ed Finkler (@funkatron) is trying to port Spaz to Titanium Accelerator. That should cover all the bases - Android, iPhone and desktops. I haven't checked on the status of the port recently, though. I don't see the point in building *another* open source Twitter client as long as there's Spaz.
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Thanks for the advice. I have emailed Tim directly, no reply. Will
keep trying. Can I be the only one who is hungry for this?


On Aug 13, 2:35 pm, "M. Edward (Ed) Borasky" <zn...@borasky-
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I suspect Google's priorities have changed, as have Twitter's. Tim  
Bray is very accessible in social media - I recommend talking directly  
to him. ;-)
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> Now that I finally have an Android handset, I'm interested in this as well.

> "Clay Graham" <claytan...@sightlyinc.com> wrote:

>> When the Google/Twitter application for android came out last May it
>> was widely announced that this application was going to be made open
>> source as an example to developers how to use best practices and
>> patterns when developing applications for android, as well as OAuth.


>> "Don’t think we quite got something right? As many of you know, we’ll
>> soon be open sourcing this application code under the Android Open
>> Source Project. We look forward to seeing what you can build starting
>> from this code these UI patterns. In the meantime, Happy Tweeting!" ---
>> Tim Bray, Google May, 2010




>> I have asked a number of people at Google when and where this will be
>> made available with no avail. I have searched google code, maybe some
>> of you know something I dont. If anyone has a pointer to this code
>> base it would be greatly appreciated.

>> Clay

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> Dossy Shiobara

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