Thanks for a great job in transitioning...
Incidentally, any chance of instituting having multiple aliases for a
single it is possible check timeline by checking an alias of
a user in addition to just user id or name..I am asking because this
has plenty of real world applications...


On Aug 13, 4:12 pm, Taylor Singletary <>
> Hi Developers,
> Basic authentication is being deprecated beginning on August 16th. After
> August 31st, API clients will no longer be able to identify themselves using
> only a login and password when accessing the Twitter REST API.
> For those that just like to skim, here are the basics:
>   - Basic Auth will be completely shut off on August 30th.
>   - Beginning Aug 17, basic auth rate limiting will decrease by 15 requests
> on each week day (10% drop per weekday)
>   - Aug 16, 8am Pacific - we'll shut basic auth temporarily off for 10
> minutes
>   - Aug 31, 5pm Pacific - we'll shut basic auth temporarily for 10 minutes
>   - On August 30th, all basic auth requests will be served with a 401 HTTP
> status code.
> We've discussed at length in the past why this transition is important. We
> recognize that it significantly increases the difficulty of working with the
> Twitter API. OAuth is not a silver bullet for security, but protects our
> users and the platform ecosystem notably better than basic authentication.
> Today, non-whitelisted basic authentication GET requests are limited to 150
> calls per hour. POST operations, such as tweeting, are not effected by this
> limit. Basic auth apps can continue tweeting with impunity until the full
> turn off occurs on August 31st.
> Beginning August 17th, non-whitelisted basic authentication GET requests
> will be limited to 135 calls per hour. We will reduce the number of calls
> per hour by 15 each week day until August 31st. This means on August 18th
> Basic Authentication will be allowed 120 GET requests per hour, August 19th
> 105 GET requests per hour and so on. The decrement will happen on each
> Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday until August 31st.
> For whitelisted basic auth requests, the decrement will be comparative to
> the general ramp down levels -- about 10% of your total rate limit will
> decrement every day starting on August 16th. On August 31st, whitelisted
> basic auth requests will cease functioning as well.
> On August 31st, all basic auth requests will be serviced a 401 HTTP status
> code.
> You may have noticed that we temporarily shut basic authentication off today
> for 10 minutes. We gave minimal notice today, and recognize that more notice
> would have been optimal. We will be doing these integration tests a few more
> times before the total deprecation date.
> The next basic auth switch-off will occur on Monday, August 16th at 8am
> Pacific for 10 minutes. After that, we'll do another of these tests on
> Thursday, August 19th at 5pm Pacific for another 10 minutes. We'll do more
> of these after that, and we'll announce them closer to that time. As always,
> follow @twitterapi to keep track in real time.
> If you haven't started transitioning your application, we recommend reading
> our write up at leveraging
> the Twitter Developer mailing list when you need assistance.
> As always, we're here to help. Let's walk into this new morning together.
> Thanks,
> Taylor Singletary
> Developer Advocate, Twitter Platform

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