Thanks for the reply Tom! In looking at the api - it seemed that I
would get the id and screen name of the user, but not the profile
image. So - for that I would have to make another call. But - if I'm
wrong about that I would be overjoyed. I'll look again in the meantime
and try it out - but if you know for sure let me know.

Thanks so much!

On Aug 15, 7:43 pm, Tom van der Woerdt <> wrote:
> On 8/16/10 1:38 AM, Claudia wrote:
> > Hi all
> > I need to get the user information for all the @user_mentions in a
> > single timeline every time in load the website I'm building. This will
> > need to include the username and profile_image_url at the very least,
> > if not some other information associated with the user. If i pull back
> > the timeline on the single account and then cycle through all the
> > @user_mentions, my rate limit is history. Can anyone suggest a
> > workaround to this, other than begging Twitter for Whitelabel status?
> > Thank you!
> > Claudia
> Hi Claudia,
> Sorry if I misunderstand, but when I "GET /1/statuses/mentions.json", I
> simply get user information for every mention.
> I'm not entirely sure about the search API, but I think it's the same there.
> Tom

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