I'm looking for clarification on the call to user:statuses/friends. I
noticed that in the returned results there is a "following" field.  It
appears as though this field indicates whether or not the screen_name
supplied in the request is following the given user.  This
information, to me, seems quite obvious.  We're making a request to
retrieve friends after all; it is automatically assumed we're grabbing
Mr. screen_name's friends

The functionality I would like to see, and I believe would be
beneficial meta-data for numerous applications, is that the
"following" field feeds you a boolean value as to whether the user
result is following the user associated to screen_name.

If I have misinterpreted the field, my apologies.

In the API Console, all returned results for my own personal
screen_name returned "following" as TRUE, and I know a number of those
individuals off the top of my head are not following me.

Could we get this meta-data implemented in the response?  I'd be
willing to discuss in more detail, I need the information without
making additional API calls in order to further improve a weighting/
ranking algorithm I am using.

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