Thank you. That is a clear answer. It must also explain why there are
no places yet in cities such as Marseilles, France. As you can
probably guess I found this out because I plan to launch
internationally. In fact I hope is one of those
"providers" that adds great quality content to your places database.
Here are a couple of follow ups if I can have them:

Is there a way that I can get a schedule or RSS feed of these data
migrations, as well as the availability of places in international
locations? (Such as France, Germany, Spain , Italy, Israel)? It would
also be good to know well as what areas are not "read only" now if

We are doing a *very strong* twitter integration, and think we will be
a great partner.


On Aug 17:25 pm, Matt Harris <> wrote:
> Hi Clay,
> There isn't a whitelist for applications to create places using the geo API
> and I agree the error message returned isn't clear about what has happened.
> The reason you have received the error is because the UK is currently
> read-only. This is to help us avoid import and duplication errors whilst we
> populated the database with the geo data from our providers.
> The team already has a patch in the queue which will change the message
> from:
>   Invalid geo argument: place is not in a whitelisted container
> to:
>   Invalid geo argument: the container for this place is currently read-only
> I hope that helps explain the error you received. When we are ready to
> receive places we'll send a note to the mailing list.
> Best,
> Matt
> On Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 10:35 PM, Clay Graham 
> <>wrote:
> > When trying to add a new place called "Dishoom" contained within
> > Covent Garden, London whose id is: af9c4064cc79391a I received the
> > following error:
> > {"errors":[{"code":41,"message":"Invalid geo argument: place is not in
> > a whitelisted container"}]}
> > Can anyone give me insight into this error? Do I have to get my app
> > whitelisted in order to save places?
> > not
> > mention anything about the Geo api.
> > Clay
> >
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> Matt Harris
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