I am using ruby-auth gem to interact with twitter api.

Unfortunately in situation of an error I am unable to find out much
information on the cause.

I am facing quite a strange problem. Consider following output:

>> r = u.twitter.post("/adityaraj/19567361/members.json", "id" => '35671043')
=> {"slug"=>"ruby-on-rails", "name"=>"Ruby-on-rails", "uri"=>"/
adityaraj/ruby-on-rails", "subscriber_count"=>0, "member_count"=>8,
"mode"=>"public", "id"=>19567361, "full_name"=>"@adityaraj/ruby-on-
rails", "description"=>"", "user"=>{}, "following"=>false}

>> r = u.twitter.post("/adityaraj/19567361/create_all.json", "user_id" => 
>> '35671043')
TwitterAuth::Dispatcher::Error: An error occurred processing your
Twitter request.
        from /home/aditya/work/twitter/vendor/plugins/twitter-auth/lib/
twitter_auth/dispatcher/shared.rb:35:in `handle_response'
        from /home/aditya/work/twitter/vendor/plugins/twitter-auth/lib/
twitter_auth/dispatcher/oauth.rb:22:in `request'
        from /var/lib/gems/1.8/gems/oauth-0.4.1/lib/oauth/tokens/
access_token.rb:44:in `post'
        from (irb):12
        from :0

I have tried using create_all method with multiple screen_names but no

API link: http://dev.twitter.com/doc/post/:user/:list_id/create_all

Can anyone please point out if there is any obvious mistake in this or
if you are able to make it work.

Aditya Raj

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