So, yesterday, when I posted this, <retweet_count> was returning null
values for everything.

Today, I get the correct values for the first 3 statuses in my
retweets_of_me, then they seem to alternate between zero and null for
the rest.

For the immediate purposes of what I'm working on at the moment, this
field working correctly would be awesome. Any news?

On Aug 18, 1:10 pm, Peter <> wrote:
> Retweets_of_me, in its current form is not very useful, and worse,
> leads to an insane amount of needless API calls.
> If...
> me a list of all my statuses that have been retweeted, why do
> these parameters always come out null & false?:
>   <retweet_count></retweet_count>
>   <retweeted>false</retweeted>
> Currently, the procedure is:
> 1. Get retweets_of_me.
> 2. Pull in
> each of those tweets.
> Okay. Not sure why there's not an easier way, but let's go with that
> for now. Except... If more people retweet some of those same tweets
> after I pull in retweets_of_me. Since <retweet_count> is apparently
> broken, there's no one-shot way to tell which ones I need to check, so
> I have to keep checking back with each one, using a seperate API call
> for each check.
> Please tell me I'm simply missing something here, which is entirely
> possible. :)

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