I've been playing around with integrating an app into my website's
news postings and admin panel, via @abraham's PHP libraries. I've just
set up a basic admin module that allows us to view our recent tweets
and send a new one. I sent out a few test tweets, and then went about
deleting them through the API. Most of the time, this worked.
Sometimes, however, things went wrong. The API would refresh and no
longer see the tweet, but it would still be visible on Twitter.com,
for example. Strangely, the number of tweets returned with my account
has been decremented by these failed calls. As of right now, there are
6 more tweets by the account than the page actually says there are.

For those familiar with the PHP library, the following is the code I'm
using to delete a status:
$TWITTER->GetTwitterObject()->post('statuses/destroy/' .
$_POST['tid'], array('id' => $_POST['tid']));
Where $TWITTER is my own wrapper for handling Twitter interaction, and
the GetTwitterObject() method returns the TwitterOAuth object from
@abraham's library.

Also worth noting that this problem has continued AFTER the Twitter
Status update indicating that previous follow count and other
statistics were not accurately responding.

Has anyone else noticed extra decrements in the tweet count, or
failure to properly destroy a status via the API?

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