I've created a feature request. I request everyone to star it so that
this can be done.

Life would be so much simpler when users don't receive those automated
direct messages!



On Aug 20, 1:18 am, "M. Edward (Ed) Borasky" <zn...@borasky-
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> Quoting nischalshetty <nischalshett...@gmail.com>:
> > I'm totally and unconditionally frustrated with the direct messages
> > sent by various apps. I set out on creating a spam filter for twitter
> > direct messages but then realized this one small thing from twitter's
> > dev team would help everyone a lot more than any of us 3rd party devs
> > doing it.
> > Can we have the application source for Direct Messages as well? It'll
> > help in identifying the source of automated direct messages and app
> > developers can incorporate a way in which users can block messages
> > from rogue apps.
> > I'm really tired of being everyone's #Godfather !!

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