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> Hmmm ... maybe build your own Status.Net infrastructure / servers,  
> stream your processed tweets into it

Got that already... and it's running fine :)...

> and sell subscriptions to the  outputs?

Someday, when people start to care about more than the "now" aspect of
twitter and start thinking more about the where and why (location and
sentiment) and what (kind of link/message).  These days, it seems to
be mostly SMDs out there... I want more useful things... blog post

> It doesn't make sense to push your processed results back  
> into the main Twitter stream unless there's some *profit* in it for  
> Twitter. ;-)

Well, one thing is that it does propose a general solution to the
mutable/addition of annotations... and I think annotations are great
BOTH for the client originating the tweet, but also for post-analysis.

As for how Twitter can profit from this,  I would be happy to push all
my link-canonicalization and classification stuff back into the
pool... it's NOT easy work because the web isn't really symantic

Additionally, where better to store _forever_ (I'm looking at you,
Library of Congress) the metadata about a tweet than in Twitter
itself, and why not as a tweet?  Heck, had I worked there, I would
have likely pushed all account/profile updates/EVERYTHING (less
sensitive data). through as specialized tweets that don't hit the
public stream... you've already got a generalized message queue
structure... :)

Marc, the generalizer

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