hello good folks,
Taylor has been a good help via twitter conversations, but ultimately
I still have a problem.

I'm currently using Python-OAuth2.
I had oauth_callback in my request_token step, and this returned:

{'oauth_token_secret': 'fGOqFAJ1FZ4ljeGJ48MgtD0hP12Midzuq9VDKBP1IA',
'oauth_token': 'lW06F77p1NCGmtZOQAkXEjg8XmD7qGAJVvHPil4nZg',
'oauth_callback_confirmed': 'true'}

so, using these info, I extracted oauth_token and redirect user to

When I click 'Allow', it redirects me to the callback url, and the url
looked something like that: "http://callback_URL/login/?

That was all. I looked in the headers, and nothing else was returned.


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