Hey Twitter Support,

That's the same problem i'm running into too. If I use the url oauth/
authenticate, it serves my purpose, but if  I use oauth/authorize,
it's failing under the multiple login.

can anyone give me a solution to this.

Varun Jain

On Aug 6, 9:41 pm, Nick Spacek <nick.spa...@gmail.com> wrote:
> That's a long subject line, but I haven't seen much related to it
> (there was one post last Autumn but didn't seem to have any
> resolutions.
> I'm working on an app where an app user may want to authorize multiple
> Twitter accounts. Right now if they are already logged into Twitter
> (say, with their primary account) and the account is already
> authorized, they don't even get the option to sign in to a different
> account; the OAuth flow just redirects the browser immediately to the
> callback URL. Is there any way around this?
> Is there some way to pass a username on the GET or in the headers?
> Thanks,
> Nick

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