Hi guys,

I'm a bit confused by an inconsistency in whether re-tweets show up in
various places.  Could someone advise?

The Search API shows all retweets under some keyword search but not
under @mention search. (A/B below)

The Twitter website shows data that's missing/broken in the API. (X/Y

Does anyone know about either of these?

J. @jimbomorrison

A) Search API: Keyword Search
All retweets appear, against matching search term ( some text from the
tweet ) including opening phrase: "retweeter RT @retweeted

B) Search API: Username
Only the original tweet plus those RT's that have been done the "old
fashioned" way appear.

X) Twitter Website - twitter.com/#retweeted_of_mine
Tweets appear plus lots of information about the retweets; count, user
IDs etc.

Y) Twitter API - http://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/retweets_of_me.json
Original retweeted tweets appear but there's no retweet data.  There's
an empty "retweet_count" node and a FALSE "retweeted" node ( which is
demonstrably wrong ).

Thanks again.

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