Hi all,

I would like to inform that *Twitter API ME 1.4* has just been released.
This new version comes with new features and the correction of a bug that
was preventing it to work on Blackberry devices. So Blackberry developers,
you all are now welcome back to Twitter API ME.

The new features available on version 1.4 are:

   - Single Access Token auth
   - Geo-located tweets
   - Friends/Followers list
   - Update user profile

See below how easy is to use Single Access token and send a geo-located

*Token = new Token("token_access", "token_secret");*
*Credential c = new Credential("user_name", "consumer_key",
"consumer_secret", token);*
*UserAccountManager m = UserAccountManager.getInstance(c);*
*if (m.verifyCredential()) {*
*  GeoLocation loc = new GeoLocation("+37.5", "+26.7");*
*  Tweet t = new Tweet("Cool! Geo-located tweet via Twitter API ME. \o/",
*  TweetER ter = TweetER.getInstance(m);*
*  t = ter.post(t);*

Easy, huh?

For further information on Twitter API ME, please visit us at


Ernandes Jr.
"ALL programs are poems. However,
NOT all programmers are poets."

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