Just wondering if anyone knew a way to get a decent team widget?

We've got a conference coming up with a variety of events, whilst some
might only have one member of the team going using the standard widget
works as expected.
However if we have two people going, we want both sets of tweets to
appear in the same widget. I've tried creating a list and using that,
however it has the following problem.

Example tweets
@steve timeline
10:01 wow this is great
10:05 i can't believe they are going to release this
10:16 @mike me too!
10:19 and that's all folks

@mike timeline
10:04 seriously i want one of these
10:14 @jim they are coming out tomorrow? i'm getting one straight
10:20 can't wait for the morning

Team timeline
10:01 steve - wow this is great
10:04 mike - seriously i want one of these
10:05 steve - i can't believe they are going to release this
10:16 steve - @mike me too!
10:19 steve - and that's all folks
10:20 mike - can't wait for the morning

The tweet @jim is missing because jim isn't in the list. And we are
expecting quite a few @s to other people in the hall. All these useful
tweets will be missing.

I also have the same problem when trying to save all these tweets
using the api as the
http://api.twitter.com/1/USER/lists/LISTNAME/statuses.json does the
same thing.
For the saving I could go through both @mike and @steve timelines, and
merge the two together. As it's a one of process this isn't too bad,
however for the live tweets it would require me to set up a cron job
checking for new tweets from either (and we could have up to 6 people
tweeting at a time), creating a modified timeline containing both, and
then creating a hacked widget to read my modified timeline instead of
the lists.

Is there a simpler method at getting all tweets from 2-6 users
directly from the API?

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