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I am new to this thread having seen it over the past few weeks and
wondered what all the fuss was about.

The solution by MindcrimeNL above seems optimal, why is it a

Do developers not really want their users to register their own
Twitter app? It's not exactly hard to do. You just need to tell them
what to put for the callback URL...

For opensource systems targeted at non-technical users, don't you
provide a 'control panel' where the admin user can edit their
preferences such as webmaster's email etc?  Just like inserting your
Google maps API key, Adsense id, Amazon associates id, etc.

For applications with a more technical installation, you'd just have
them edit a config file.

Quoting Michael Babcock <mjet...@gmail.com>:

I think the issue is really that it is not a very elegant solution and
is outside the realm of a standard non-technical persons experience.
The whole idea of having the end-user register a pre-built app as
their own is cumbersome. That said it is the only real solution to the
dilemma. It is the solution that I have chosen for my own apps.

It depends on the end user and application. If the application provides a compelling solution to a real problem that they have, the inconvenience of oAuth registration won't matter. If it doesn't, the *application* won't matter. ;-)

I suspect that Twitter's human infrastructure, if not its technical one, would rebel at a mass-market application where each of hundreds or thousands of users had his/her own consumer key and secret in addition to a Twitter account. I think it's far better developer/business practice to design *proprietary* applications that are secure and register them with Twitter using xAuth.

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