I haven't kept up on the streaming API but read about the new Site
Steam and it raised some privacy concerns.  Specifically the fact that
direct messages would be streamed from anyone that added your
application.  I understand this was always possible but the stream API
makes it fairly trivial to collect all that data.

It's also a privacy concern because of user intent.  When someone adds
an application my guess is that they're not intending on saying "yes,
gain access to my direct messages" much less "sign up to receive all
my direct messages via a stream".

Anyways, the stream API is awesome...but it's important to understand
how users interact with applications and what their intentions are
when they add (regardless of what they are in fact signing up for).  I
also realize all of this was previously possible but by making it
easier it increases the chances that apps are accessing this data.

Just thought I'd bring it up for discussion :)

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