Hi everyone,

I’m struggling with MGTwitterEngine & OAuth/xAuth here with my Mac OS
X application.
The problem is that I get either SIGTRM or EXC_BAD_ACCESS crashes from
the call of the getXAuthAccessTokenForUsername method. And I just
don’t know what I’m doing wrong!

Here’s the (stripped) code of a very simple demo app, basically. Just
one window with a username & password textfield and a button to start
the action:

  NSString *username = [NSString stringWithString:[tfUsername
  NSString *password = [NSString stringWithString:[tfPassword
  if ([username isEqualToString:@""] || [password
isEqualToString:@""]) {
    // at least one of the text fields was empty!
    [tfInfo setStringValue:@"Please supply a username and a
  else {
    NSString *xAuthAccessToken = [[[NSString alloc] init]
    // program crashes at the following line
    xAuthAccessToken = [twitterEngine
getXAuthAccessTokenForUsername:username password:password];
    [tfInfo setStringValue:xAuthAccessToken];

#pragma mark MGTwitterEngine delegate methods
- (void)accessTokenReceived:(OAToken *)token forRequest:(NSString
  [twitterEngine setAccessToken:token];
  [tfInfo setStringValue:@"accessTokenReceived!"];

Additionally, I set my consumer key & secret in my init method:

- (id) init
  self = [super init];
  if (self != nil) {
    twitterEngine = [MGTwitterEngine twitterEngineWithDelegate:self];
    NSString *consumerKey = @”123…”;
    NSString *consumerSecret = @”123456…”;
    [twitterEngine setConsumerKey:consumerKey secret:consumerSecret];
  return self;

Does anyone has any advice? What am I missing?
(Checked out the latest revisions of MGTwitterEngine & OAuthConsumer.
Is there any Cocoa alternative to MGTwitterEngine that supports OAuth/

Thank you so much!

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