Well it's been a trip, but like my colleague @abraham, after two years and half 
years on this list, it has gotten a little too heavy for my inbox. 

I've been around but I don't comment often anymore since I don't deal with 
twitter API issues or updates on a day to day basis anymore. Since I left that 
twitter client company I used to work for 18 months ago, I haven't dealt with 
any twitter related issues on a day to day basis in pretty long while (except 
with the streaming API which is all I use anymore). 

I've learned (and continue to learn) a ton from my friends on the twitter team 
on their experiences on everything from oauth, to scaling streaming APIs, to 
ideas for scaling the latest nosql engine but I'm consuming knowledge through 
different channels (mostly twitter and the dev's own blogs). 

It's been fun and be sure to connect me on twitter at @zbowling. If anyone 
needs any help with any of the various open source twitter related things I've 
developed in the past, you can find my email below. I will always try to be 
involved with everything twitter I can (can't wait for the next hackathon like 
thing like we did for the annotations preview). I think I'm going to jump now 
before the oauth apocalypse and the fall out silly questions :-)  

Thanks everyone!

Zac Bowling

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