Hi Daniel,

Heroku was our first public partnership, but Apigee was actually built
to work with all kinds of services and environments. We're continuing
to build out our add-on so that users can access the Debugger, the
Test Console, and Analytics from within the Heroku interface.

You should have no trouble if you decide that EC2 is more appropriate
for your app, though obviously you'd lose a lot of the sweet platform
hotness that Heroku provides. (We're actually in EC2 ourselves.)

If you have any questions about this process, we'd be happy to answer
them. Either start a new thread at http://support.apigee.com or
contact us directly.


PM, Apigee

> The biggest issue with Apigee is that you can only proxy twitter calls
> through Heroku add-on, which is troublesome if I need to move on to
> more powerful cloud services, such as Amazon EC2.

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