I found the reason why the retweet from my prev post is missing from
streaming track results.

After retweeting the length of the status is greater then 140 chars.
I track by #custserv which is in the end of the status.

Looks like streaming tracks the body of the retweet, but not the
original status text.
Shall it be considered as a bug?

Traditional search returns both original status and retweet in the
above case.


On Sep 1, 10:02 am, Kostya Nikolayev <kostya1...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using "statuses/filter?track=something" streaming api.
> Noticed that it doesn't return native twitter retweets which contain
> "something" in the original tweet text.
> Specifically:
> "statuses/filter?track=#custserv"
> misses the following retweet from MarshaCollier:
> "RT @JeffreyJKingman: Crowdsourcing CustServ has issues of message
> management and company control. What issues from keeping CustServ in-
> company? #custserv"
> I expected to get both original tweet and the retweet, but got only
> the original one.
> Is it supposed to work in this way?
> Thanks,
> Kostya

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