Hi, I'm using the @anywhere tweetbox, and I am confused by the
revoking / re-granting access is handled. This is the scenario:
0) I type a tweet in the @anywhere tweetbox and hit "Tweet"
1) In the popup screen, I allow the app to connect to my account
2) I post a tweet. All is well.
3) I revoke my app's access (as expected, when I revisit the my
Connections tab, my app is gone)
4) I go back to the app, and try post a new Tweet. Above the tweetbox,
the spinner keeps spinning, but the tweet does not get posted
5) I revisit my Connections tab, and my app is now in the list of
allowed apps again.
6) when I refresh my app's page, I can tweet as before.

I would have expected to have to connect again after revoking access.
Is this a bug (the one tweet that never gets posted certainly seems to
be), or is hitting "Tweet" again considered an implicit granting of

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