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A console application and additional wrapper for Abraham Williams
TwitterOAuth PHP wrapper which makes the process of obtaining OAuth
credentials for plain old "single user mode" usage a little easier:-

>From the README:-

This package has two main components both of which you'll want to

Use the console tool in a shell to create a valid
twitteroauth.credentials file:-

Step 1 - go to Twitter and obtain your API key and secret values.
Step 2 - run the twitteroauth-helper-console tool in a shell.
Step 3 - set your API secret and key using the set_consumer_key and
set_consumer_secret commands within the console tool.
Step 4 - request user authentication using request_user_auth console
command then visit the Twitter URL that is provided in a web browser.
You may need to log into Twitter and you will need to "allow" your
Step 5 - Using the PIN code that will be displayed in the step above
go back to the console application and use the
verify_user_auth_request command.
Step 6 - Move the twitteroauth.credentials file that has been created
to a safe place.

You don't need to use this wrapper to use the twitteroauth credentials
but it does make things even easier.

All you need to do to make a post is the following:-

$TOHW = new TwitterOAuthHelperWrapper('/path/to/credentials.file');
$TOHW->post('statuses/update',array('status'=>'Hello World!'));


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