This is the header I am sending.

X-Verify-Credentials-Authorization: OAuth realm="http://",  oauth_consumer_key="KEY",  oauth_token="TOKEN",
oauth_signature_method="HMAC-SHA1",  oauth_signature="SIG",
oauth_timestamp="1283409844",  oauth_nonce="NONCE",
oauth_version="1.0" X-Auth-Service-Provide:

I am getting all the information that I am sending back from using the
PHP getallheaders(); function and parsing out aspects of it.  When I
send that header via curl I am constantly getting

{"request":"/1/account/verify_credentials.json","error":"Could not
authenticate you."}

I have even tested with a simple REST plugin for chrome, which always
prompts for a username/password combo. Given what I am trying to do
this will not be possible to send a user/password as that is
essentially what I am trying to get sent back to me via twitter.  Can
anyone lend some insight on how I can get authed in to obtain the user
information?  Thanks

On Sep 1, 5:02 pm, sdenike <> wrote:
> Does anyone have a sample header that should be sent back to twitter
> as well as maybe the curl commands?  I have been trying to construct a
> header to send back to twitter using OAuth echo, but have not been
> successful in doing so.  And example would be excellent if anyone is
> able to provide.  Thanks

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