Has anyone managed to figure out how to access Twitter from VBA since
basic auth was shut down?

On Aug 31, 3:31 am, Timo <elliott.t...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have an application that posts tweets automatically from PowerPoint
> each time a presenter gets to a particular slide:
> It's a relatively simpleVBAscript that uses basic authentication
> (until tomorrow, when it gets turned off!) . Because it's a full-
> client application, I requested, and obtained, the ability to use
> xAuth.
> But I've struggled to find an easy way to use xAuth / Oauth fromVBA.
> I'm not even sure it's possible at all using onlyVBA-- specifically,
> I haven't found any "nativeVBA" HMAC-SHA1 code, and lack the skills
> to write one (I found this post on SHA1 inVBA, but don't know how to
> include the key / HMAC part -- anybody 
> know?:http://splinter.com.au/blog/?p=86).
> As a workaround, I tried adding a DLL to do the HMAC-SHA1 part, based
> on this 
> post:http://blog.gobansaor.com/2008/02/22/xlaws-excel-vba-code-for-accessi...,
> and haven't completely given up, but my attempts so far don't seem to
> generate the right signature (i.e. when I cut and paste the available
> xAuth demo code from twitter, I get a different result than they do).
> I also started checking out the HMAC-SHA1 library 
> fromhttp://www.cryptosys.net/#api,
> but my application is freeware, so trying to avoid commercial code...
> And I know there are .Net VB libraries  like 
> TwitterVBhttp://twittervb.codeplex.com/,
> but I don't know how to access those methods/properties fromVBA-- is
> it possible? Could somebody point me to demo code that shows how to
> use something like that fromVBA?
> Many, many thanks in advance to anybody who can help my application
> from dying tomorrow!...

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