Right now when I initiate follows, the easiest way to determine if the user
is already following the individual I'm trying to follow is to just send a
follow request, and get an error back if the user is already following the
individual.  However, I'm seeing an issue that might not make this the ideal
way of doing this - it seems for each follow request, even if they're
already following the individual they're still getting a follow e-mail from

Now, there could be a slight chance that the user has actually unfollowed
and the e-mail is legit, but I wanted to see if the Twitter API team was
absolutely sure those follow e-mails can't go out if the user is already
following the individual and a follow request is sent.  Does that make

I'm banging my head against this one - for what I can tell my users aren't
unfollowing each other, so my next guess is that Twitter is just sending out
an e-mail each time we send that follow request.  I'd rather not have to
make 2 API calls just to tell if the user is already following the
individual or not.  Any thoughts?



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