* Lars <lars_sa...@hotmail.com> [100902 14:38]:
> I am not a Perl expert but I have developed a small web page with Perl
> which is somewhat popular in Germany (according to Alexa trafic rank <
> 1000). And this web site is tweeting important events using its own
> twitter account.
> I tried for days but I am not able to get it working (tweeting) again.
> I registered my web page/application and want to use my access tokens
> "oauth_token" and "oauth_token_secret" which I find under my
> application settings because I am using only this twitter account to
> tweet (see http://dev.twitter.com/pages/oauth_single_token)
> But the response is always "401 Unauthorized"!
> Any ideas?
> My Perl program looks like this (my provider does not offer the module
> NET::Twitter)

If you have shell access, you can probably install local::lib using the
bootstrap method, then install Net::Twitter or Net::Twitter::Lite in
your own directory.


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