I think i'm one of many who are looking for different ways of moving
from Curl to Twurl with Twitter's closing the Basic Authentication
protocol.  I have different scripts that run on my server, based on
certain criteria on the return of that script an automated tweet goes
out to 1 of 2 accounts.

With basic authentication it was easy to define the account using '-u'
and '-p'.  I'm trying to figure out how to do it with Twurl.  I've
authorized the two accounts in Twurl,  but I can only get the default
to tweet.  I see I can change the default account,  but depending on
how fast the script is running it may want to tweet both accounts
about the same time, and I don't want it to get caught switching
defaults and the wrong data being sent to the incorrect account.

I tried adding '-u'  and the username at the start of the Twurl call,
but it errors saying "You need to authorize first", even though the
account was authorized.

Has anyone had success in this?

Thank you.

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