Hi John,
Thanks for answering my question. Do I understand that for every
twitter account which I want to use to for automatically twitter I
have to register an application. This is what i did right now but I
would like to have a more simple construction.

I was in the opinion that I could use just one script with the keys in
it of the registered application (so it is registered just once) and
also the keys of the user in in so it uses the twitter account of that
user and the application of another user.



On 2 sep, 16:02, John Meyer <john.l.me...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 9/2/2010 2:48 AM, Frank P wrote:
> > Hi There,
> > I am a website builder and used a Twitter API to update a Twitter
> > status when a webaster wrote a new newsitem on his site. Now I have to
> > rewrite the api to use oAUTH. I got it working but is it possible to
> > register the application once and let other users make use of that
> > application.
> > I think I need the access token and the ouath token secret  of that
> > user to connect. But I can't find those keys in the users profile.
> When you initially get the user to authorize your website/application,
> you receive back the token combo.  You then need to store those
> somewhere (database, cookie, etc) for subsequent authorizations.

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