Starting today (maybe yesterday, wasn't around to check) home_timeline started sending garbage between the expected tweet objects. Since I didn't modify my code in any way, I assume it's a bug (or a feature?) on Twitter's side...

{<<normal tweet>>},x mTێ�6 � � � �ں�kYH�M �(�"٢/ �4��P�BRqv��{ uq�m 0o3s.3_�,/M��5��u�22��l9² 2��� {O Kr��e��ɞ��cY�&�+# u�A +|刌 0��9Xp��b8^6R{� Mp�� �.) �3��V#?[��;��B\�\�����=?�Е�u8� �5D��=g�4��m���|�_.�<_˗���2F YX��=9�P�x ����Cق�<� ���Fi ^�t�N`�Ee��SN 5� )k A� � l� 1+sd�D��Q� ���+S HN� {Ů^ǣ� � �^1���8� � �����a� Z�K>2TU�UL�Bv-�1Vc��ؠ ]p &ef Y}<:ۛZ ��%D�pQ�>j� �7pG 5���m X��/��fi���5�1'� � ��3� � 2� V� j}��Zy$�;�H� d����1Z`=� ��u��yZl���� ^+W c]+� /ױ'�'�h ��S�g�S =�5�A��� ���<�� ���W ,�07�~_� 0 } 6�7� ��� ̀��d�w{(3S� �E�����Z ��Ķ�[V� � {�� ޳_� id-�!刖 �E�4��<�a���'�%�� ^� �� P���v_쾗���x���n��m {/�%E��� �d�B����u -�J^T�A> �� �O���_d�ݬc3I�m_�Շ.ڣ ��M� �=+� 7N��/���f��KONcg�� KZ>�o�|�v�\� �,+6�}� -g�h�b...@�ww���t� gȗ�_ �S )���� �g�ȱ�:�jK���Aky�XǠ�g [?�� +��?�� �,{<<normal tweet>>}

Am I the only one to see this behavior? Some of the requests return correct data, but more often there's this garbage in the data throwing my JSON parser off...

Fabian Schlenz

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