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Dewald Pretorius <dpr...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Twitter folks, how are you going to ensure that t.co links are not
> affected by over-capacity situations on your infrastructure?
> If you're routing t.co links through your existing infrastructure,
> absolutely *everyone's* links are going to be broken when you start
> throwing fail whales, even when the link is clicked in third-party
> applications.
> Are you running t.co on its own separate and dedicated infrastructure?

Ah, that brings up the next idea of how to enhance my application :)

It wouldn't be all that hard to keep a cache/database of all the t.co
links seen in a user's incoming timeline, and their resolution. The
user would then have a private link resolution database, to protect
against such service outages.

Seems pretty straightforward, perhaps people should do that sort of


Bernd Stramm

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