Hi there,
My website, Yardmaps.org, has its own twitter account - actually
there's a twitter account for each city that yardmaps will be
available in.

When I was coding the site using basic auth, I had a simple function
that would update the twitter status of a given city whenever a yard
sale is posted.  Since I own the website, and the twitter accounts, I
don't need to ask a 3rd person for permission to update their status.
Basic auth was perfect.

However, now that basic auth is no more, I'm not sure how I'm supposed
to use oAuth to do the same thing?

My database has the username and password for each twitter account,
and when a yard sale is added, i simply want to tweet it out.  Since
oAuth doesn't (in my limited understanding) support asynchronous
calls, I don't know how I can upgrade?

Please help me.


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