I just want this to be confirmed by @raffi

If I understand correctly

This means that I can securely send a 120 (or less) character message
+ a link, no matter how long the link is, it will be translated into
20 characters, and so the total being 140 character I'm fine. Right?

My Rails app will send "hey this is a message with always a
http://link.com/path/to/resource"; and all I need to check is that "hey
this is a message with always a " is 120 chars, right?

Thanks for confirming this, that would be amazingly cool because it
would mean I don't need (and nobody would need) to call some t.co API
to shrink a URL.

Then I would only need to count on the updated clients (and
twitter.com) to display my "http://link.com"; as a text and
"http://t.co/jhdafkjh"; as a link! Wouldn't be a "big deal" if some
(most) clients display the t.co as a text :)


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