Thank you for replying.. I looked at your code and was very quickly

I can (well, used to) update using three lines:

$twitter_tweet = "tweet out something here";
$twitter_api = 'curl --basic --user name:password --data status="'.
$twitter_tweet.'" > /dev/null
2> /dev/null';
system ("$twitter_api");

I have no desire to rule the world with twitter and all this
authentication stuff now is like shoveling a small walkway with a
bulldozer! I just want to quickly update my own twitter account. It
can't be this hard, can it?? Can't I just grab a key and put it in the
mix here?

I just want the same functionality I had with those three little


On Sep 3, 5:01 pm, Cameron Kaiser <> wrote:
> > I posted a question similar except using perl.. All the subroutine
> > does is update a twitter account using curl. All this OAuth stuff
> > seems like it is shoveling a small driveway with a bulldozer! Updates
> > are done on about 100 domains, so does that mean we have to register
> > 100 apps and every time we put the updating on a new site, register
> > that as well...
> > Is there any Perl sample code or do you all just consider Perl old
> > fart software?
> You're welcome to look at TTYtter:
> This is pure-Perl and uses its own built-in HMAC and SHA-1 algorithms; it
> has no dependencies other than cURL.
> FTR, I am generally considered an old fart (ask Ed Finkler).
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