On 9/4/10 8:13 PM, Bernd Stramm wrote:
> On Sat, 04 Sep 2010 19:02:11 +0200
> Tom van der Woerdt <i...@tvdw.eu> wrote:
>> On 9/4/10 6:08 PM, rrd wrote:
>>> I have a website which gets friends timeline by twitter api. I use
>>> oauth 1.0 My website worked without any problem in the last 1,5
>>> year, but from 1st September something changed.
>>> When I try to add a new user my app redirects me to the twitter
>>> oauth authentication page, where I could log in with my twitter
>>> credentials. After this twitter redirects me to my application.
>>> After this when I try to verify credentials I got "Could not
>>> authenticate you" error message.
>>> Could it be a timestamp problem? I found a few articles about having
>>> authentication problems because of fautty timestamp. If so what
>>> should I do if I am not able to change the server time? It seems I
>>> have 55 minutes difference from twitter time.
> Is it 55 minutes, or 5 minutes and the wrong time zone?
> In the case of 55 minutes, of course Tom is right:
I'd be right in both cases. ;-) Although compensating for the timezone
is also an option. (But really, the Unix Timestamp is always UTC, right?)

>> 55 minutes is a lot. You should contact the server owner and tell
>> him/her to synchronize the clock.
>> If that's not an option, then you should simply generate an "offset"
>> by asking the Twitter server the time and comparing this to the Unix
>> Time of the server (don't do that too often, daily is fine). Later
>> you can use this offset and add it to the Unix Time of the server to
>> generate a time that is closer to the Twitter.com one.
>> Tom

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