Good evening :)

I had a really simple perl net::twitter script that ran as a cron job
off my laptop. All it did was, for each scheduled run, read a single
line of information from a txt file, then tweet the line to any one of
three twitter accounts.

As I know enough perl to be dangerous, but not enough to be a wiz, I
can't figure out how to get the same sweet tweet mechanism using
oauth. I've registered the "application" - which is basically the
script run from the command line, obtained the consumer key/secret,
and have attempted to educate myself on oauth.

But: I am stuck. Appears to need a transaction to take place between
the app and twitter before anything can be done. If this is the case,
my script will no longer work.

If anyone else is aware of similar problems, is there a working
example they can point me to?

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