Can anyone show me how to add a friendship in PHP?  I have tried
several ways and followed much of the advice on this board without

The documentation is vague, it states "Allows the authenticating users
to follow the user specified in the ID parameter".  Using Abraham
Williams libraries thats a snap (thanks Abraham!) and I have used it
for many applications over the last few months.  The new documentation
leaves a lot to be desired and I can't find any which way to make it

Here's just a few combinations I have tried:-

Take your pick from this block:-
$params = array('user_id' => $id, 'id' => $id, 'screen_name' =>
$params = array();
$params = array('user_id' => $id);
$params = array('id' => $id);

And comibine it with this block:-
$send = simplexml_load_string($twitter->OAuthRequest("http://$screen_name.xml",

$send = simplexml_load_string($twitter->OAuthRequest("http://$id&user_id=

send = simplexml_load_string($twitter->OAuthRequest("http://$id.xml",$params,'POST'));

and I have tried them all without any luck.  I have verified
screen_name and id's are correct.  Checked the API is up and working
via other calls (such as sending DM's).

I have been able to guess most of the parameters and how to use them
for read and write operations but this one has left me confused.  I
would really appreciate a hand.

Kind Regards,

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