Hi, i am newbie on developer twitter. I have try change to OAuth, i
have problem on create favorite and lookup user, anyone can help me

public function LookUpUser(accessToken:OAuthToken, search:String):void
                        var oauthRequest:OAuthRequest = new OAuthRequest( "GET",
LOOKUP_USER.replace("$user", search), null, consumer, accessToken );

                        // build request URL from OAuthRequst
                        var requestUrl:String = oauthRequest.buildRequest( new
                        // new URLReuqest with URL and OAuth params
                        var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest( requestUrl );
                        request.method = "POST";
                        if ( dispatchEvent( new
TwitterEventOAuth( TwitterEventOAuth.LOOKUP_USER_SENDING ) ) ) {
                                var loader:URLLoader = new URLLoader( request );
                                loader.addEventListener( Event.COMPLETE, 
lookupUserHandler );

this is function for lookup user, if i click send show notification
again, anyone can help me please?Thanks

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