I work for http://www.greatdentalwebsites.com and am trying to
configure the twitter integration to work with the new oauth system.

The problem is that our users, when granting access, need to be
redirected back to their own website.  The process works like this

1) Dentist is on http://theirdentalwebsite.com and they click the link
to "let my dental website talk to twitter"
2) They are forwarded to the twitter page, and they click yes
3) They are directed back to our website, http://www.greatdentalwebsites.com
to a special return url

The problem is when they get to #3, I don't know how to determine
which customer's website to send them back to after that.  All I have
in the url is their auth token thingy.

I can think of two ways to solve this:

1) Pass along an additional url back from twitter somehow so when they
hit our return url, we have their domain name as a url parameter
2) Pass the user back to their site in the first place, and handle the
return from twitter logic there.

Has anyone else had to deal with similar problems and how was it

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