I'm using an "old school" MOO to explore a Virtual World with my
students. We are using it to explore ethical issues surrounding the

I'd set up a quest system, that posted to both Twitter and that other
not so well social networking site (FB) - with "Clue 3 has been found
by Woger".

The code I used I found on the web - and as of the other day, it
stopped. Obviously!!!

17:     con = `open_network_connection("twitter.com", 80) ! ANY';
18:     if (typeof(con) == OBJ)
19:       notify(con, "POST /statuses/update.json HTTP/1.1");
20:       notify(con, "Host: twitter.com");
21:       notify(con, "Authorization: Basic xxxxxxx==");
22:       notify(con, "Content-Length: 88");
23:       notify(con, "");
24:       notify(con, "status=");
25:       notify(con, tostr("Clue 5 has been found by ",
26:     endif
27:     $network:close(con);

My question is - is there anyone who can assist me to convert this to
the new system, or should I cut my losses and put it in the too hard
basket? I wanted to use Twitter to bring the MOO into the 21st
century, but, if it will be too hard, there are other things I can
code I should be doing.

Look forward to any advice


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