Hi All,

I am a bit torn on which API to use for my application. Have looked in
twitter dev pages and did search internet but couldn't find
comprehensive information.

I need to get tweets from certain users in my application. I don't
know how many users at this moment but I would like to build a
scalable solution. I don't care if the tweets are not received real
time as long as the delay is not in hours or days.

My understanding is that I could either use streaming API (statuses/
filter) or timelines (friends_timeline).

1) Is there a reason for someone to use one over other (other than
real time updates using streaming api)?
2) Which method twitter team recommends developer to use for future
3) Are streaming APIs available for production?

Sorry if some or all of these questions are already answered
somewhere. I couldn't locate the information hence posting here.

Any inputs in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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