Hi everyone,

I am struggling a bit to find the right API reference that explains
how to work with the data that is returned from an expression like
$content = $connection->get('friends/ids', array('screen_name' =>

where get is shown below (as in Abraham William's excellent examples).

I am struggling with understanding:
1. how to parse the array returned in $connection
2. how to implement a curser to get the next batch of responses
(twitter seems to give me the first thousand only)
3. is the array one dimensional or a more complex structure (print_r
leads me to believe the latter)

any help or pointing me in the right direction would be greatly

twitter: bobaiello, cmbestpractices, yellowspiderinc

   * GET wrapper for oAuthRequest.
  function get($url, $parameters = array()) {
    $response = $this->oAuthRequest($url, 'GET', $parameters);
        echo "mytest =".$response;
    if ($this->format === 'json' && $this->decode_json) {
      return json_decode($response);
    return $response;

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