All of my 'sites' are under control of one domain, so I just set a
cookie before auth
on any of the sites (with it's url), and then I redirect to the
correct subdomain from my main site
once my main site gets back control (I also do some housekeeping).

I said 'I just set...' but this was fairly complex to get right and to
deal with all situations.

If you are going to many other sites, not under your control, I am not
sure if the cookie
method would work,

I hope someone else has some ideas :)


On Sep 7, 1:37 am, Jeff Gladnick <> wrote:
> I work forhttp://www.greatdentalwebsites.comand am trying to
> configure the twitter integration to work with the new oauth system.
> The problem is that our users, when granting access, need to be
> redirected back to their own website.  The process works like this
> 1) Dentist is onhttp://theirdentalwebsite.comand they click the link
> to "let my dental website talk to twitter"
> 2) They are forwarded to the twitter page, and they click yes
> 3) They are directed back to our website,
> to a special return url
> The problem is when they get to #3, I don't know how to determine
> which customer's website to send them back to after that.  All I have
> in the url is their auth token thingy.
> I can think of two ways to solve this:
> 1) Pass along an additional url back from twitter somehow so when they
> hit our return url, we have their domain name as a url parameter
> 2) Pass the user back to their site in the first place, and handle the
> return from twitter logic there.
> Has anyone else had to deal with similar problems and how was it
> solved?

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