Thanks for the reply Ken. I understand all you have said, but the real
power of protocols like OAuth is user consent of their own attribute
data. My entire goal is to *avoid* having to ask a user to re-enter
their emal address. In this particular use case "minimally invasive"
is eqivalent to "minimally useful".

On Sep 7, 7:58 pm, Ken <> wrote:
> Twitter has distinguished itself as a "minimally invasive" social
> network. The API gives you the ability to replicate and build on the
> communication model appreciated by Twitter users.
> It's about brevity, it's lightweight and of course you can reach your
> followers inbox by direct messaging, if the user accepts email
> notifications.
> Meanwhile, verify_credentials gives you what you need to set up their
> account and log them in when they return. If you need a user's email
> address, just ask them for it.
> Ken

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