Here is my problem.

1. My Twitter account is set to "Protect My Tweets." It is private.
2. User 1234 send a follow request to my account.
3. My application authenticates with Twitter and using the friendships/
incoming call sees that a request to follow is pending.
4. My application sends a friendships/create to follow User 1234,
response is OK (200).
5. My account shows that I am now following User 1234.
5. User 1234 still shows as pending approval.

This is not what I expected. I can accept the follow request via my
program, but I cannot clear the pending follow request and as such, am
unable to grant permission to follow my protected account via the API.

Does anyone know what I am missing? Or is this one of those things
that Twitter is still working on?

My head hearts at this point from reading the docs and trying
different things.

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