Okay, so I came across a few posts which did talk about this but I
didnt find my answers in those .

I am using RSS query in my App for getting the tweets. It seems
twitter has the number of results to an RSS query fixed to 20.

Is there a way I can specify custom number of results in the query? I
am looking for a lower value like 5 or 10 feeds. I tried the
max_results parameter, but it doesnt work. Here is what I tried..:

http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/xxxxxxxxx.rss    (where
xxxxxxxxxx is the ID of the user I want to get the feeds of )... This
one gives me 20 results.

For specifying max results, I tried:

-- This gave me 20 results again.

-- This gave me 0 results.. which means the query had errors


-- This gave me 0 again.

Am doing something wrong over here? Or there is some other parameter
for this?

Also, can I specify the range of the tweets that I want? Maybe on the
basis of index or timestamp?

Thanks in advance for helping me out on this.


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