Hello, I'm migrating our current sistems that used old basic
authentication on twitter to OAuth and I'm having quite a problem.

In our php projects I'm using a TwitterOAuth lib, very well written
and worked perfectly on my development machine.

Unfortunately the same code fails to work on our production
environment with an error that has absolutely no relation with the
actual error (whatever it is)
The error I recieve is:

Invalid / used nonce

but the nonce is generated with timestamp + random number. It's not
possible to have been already used.

an example of the POST body is here

oauth_consumer_key=<-- THE KEY --
SHA1&oauth_timestamp=1284129911&oauth_token=<-- THE TOKEN --

The code generating this couldn't be wrong since it works perfectly on
development environment.
I can't understand what is wrong

Please, any help is appreciated

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